— 11 April 2022

Russia seeks compensation

Predictable. The FIVB’s decision to withdraw the organisation of the 2022 Men’s World Cup from Russia in reaction to its invasion of Ukraine will not be without consequences. The... Lire la suite »

— 11 April 2022

A new approach for Paris 2024

Change in sight for the next Olympic volleyball tournament. The body in charge of the discipline, the FIVB, has announced in a press release that it has modified the... Lire la suite »

— 9 March 2022

FIVB awaits applications

Time is running out for the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB). The body must find a new host country for the men’s World Cup in 2022 as soon as possible,... Lire la suite »

— 11 October 2021

A new circuit for beach volleyball

Revolution in sight on the beach volleyball courts. The International Federation (FIVB) and Volleyball World, its commercial entity, announced on Saturday, October 9th, that a new world circuit will... Lire la suite »

— 23 February 2021

No bikini, no tournament

Bad publicity for Qatar in the run-up to its bid for the Summer Games in 2032. Two German beach volleyball players, Karla Borger and Julia Sude, decided to boycott... Lire la suite »