Brisbane 2032

— 20 February 2023

Funding is in the bag

The road is clearing in Australia for the Brisbane 2032 Games. It is now even wider than ever. The federal government and the Queensland state government announced at the... Read more »

— 22 August 2022

Heads change

There has been a change in the cast of the Brisbane 2032 Board of Directors. Two new entrants have been appointed by the political authorities to sit around the... Read more »

— 25 July 2022

A historic commemoration

A first in the Olympic history. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) organized on Saturday, July 23 a ceremony marking the symbolic date, and unpublished, of D – 10 years... Read more »

— 13 June 2022

A pair to launch recruitment

The Australians are off and running. With more than ten years to go before the event, the Brisbane 2032 Organising Committee has officially recruited its first two employees. The... Read more »

— 28 April 2022

First Olympic record

The Australians of Brisbane 2032 have broken a new Olympic record without having sought it: on Wednesday 27 April, they held the first meeting of the organising committee of... Read more »

— 7 April 2022

The public will choose the mascot

Trendy. The mascot for the 2032 Brisbane Summer Games will be chosen by the public. The announcement was made this week by Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk. The decision will... Read more »

— 29 March 2022

Two former athletes at the table

Australians are putting their faith in athletes. Less than a year after winning the bid to host the 2032 Summer Games, Brisbane is setting up its organising committee. With... Read more »