— 17 August 2023

A 100 km world circuit

World Triathlon is extending the distance. The body chaired by Spain’s Marisol Casado has announced the signing of an unprecedented partnership agreement with the Professional Triathletes Organisation (PTO), to... Read more »

— 28 June 2023

A Saudi at the head of Asia

Saudi Arabia’s growing influence in sport is not only reflected in football and the hosting of major events. It is also evident on the governing bodies. One example is... Read more »

— 16 June 2023

Bonuses for the test event

World Triathlon is breaking its piggy bank. The body has announced that its executive committee has given the go-ahead to award $120,000 in prize money for the test event... Read more »

— 5 June 2023

“A course for the smartest”

Triathlon can play the big man. Since its inclusion in the Olympic programme at the Sydney 2000 Games, it has often inherited the most telegenic and spectacular venues. The... Read more »

— 10 May 2023

Spain will receive the world

Triathlon is taking root in Spain. The world body of the discipline, World Triathlon, has announced that its executive committee has awarded Malaga the organisation of the finals of... Read more »

— 27 April 2023

World Triathlon pushes the walls

World Triathlon gains space. The international body chaired by the Spaniard Marisol Casado announced the acquisition of a new world headquarters. It remains in Lausanne, where it has been... Read more »