— 23 November 2023

Budapest 2024 knows its dates

With just over a year to go before the event, World Aquatics has just lifted the veil on the dates for the next 25m pool swimming world championships. The... Read more »

— 21 November 2023

A 100% Asian World Cup

The International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics) has lifted the veil on the next edition of the Swimming Race World Cup. It will take place over three consecutive weeks, between... Read more »

— 14 November 2023

Five steps and two questions

The International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics) announced on Monday November 13: the next season of the Open Water Swimming World Cup will comprise five stages. It will take place... Read more »

— 3 November 2023

Russia no longer believes

Will Russian athletes take part in the Paris 2024 Games? With less than 270 days to go until the event (D – 266 this Friday, November 3), the IOC... Read more »

— 2 November 2023

Los Angeles inherits the Pan Pacs

The timing looks perfect. In 2026, two years before the Summer Games, Los Angeles will host one of the major events on the international swimming calendar. The next edition... Read more »

— 24 October 2023

Four stages on three continents

The International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics, formerly FINA) has unveiled the schedule for the eighth edition of the Artistic Swimming World Cup, scheduled to take place between April and... Read more »

— 13 October 2023

Israel loses its World Cup

Predictable. The International Swimming Federation (World Aquatics) has announced that the final round of the Open Water Swimming World Cup, which was due to take place on December 1... Read more »

— 4 October 2023

No entries in the open category

A flop. Heralded as a step towards inclusion and gender diversity, the new “Open” category created by World Aquatics for transgender athletes is off to a shaky start. Swimming’s... Read more »