Games 2032

— 24 March 2021

Brisbane takes another step

No bad surprises for Brisbane and Queensland’s candidacy for the Summer Games in 2032. In an extraordinary session, Brisbane City Council voted overwhelmingly in favour of the Olympic and... Read more »

— 16 March 2021

Brisbane is picking up speed

Things are progressing in the process of selecting the host city for the Summer Games in 2032. They are even moving very quickly. The Australian press reports that Brisbane... Read more »

— 1 March 2021

A decisive meeting in Osaka

Australia’s likely future victory in the 2032 Summer Games race owes a lot, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, to the behind-the-scenes work of Scott Morrison. The New South... Read more »

— 25 February 2021

Brisbane ticks all the boxes

It is done. As announced the day before, the Australian city of Brisbane and the state of Queensland have taken a head start, and probably even more, in the... Read more »

— 29 January 2021

Budapest wants to enter the race

Surprise. The Hungarian Olympic committee revealed via its newsletter, Thursday, January 28th, that it had officially formed a study committee on the feasibility of Budapest’s candidacy for the Summer... Read more »