— 5 September 2022

La santé mentale en débat

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) is looking at the mental health of athletes. The body now chaired by Ian Chesterman has announced the launch of a series of programmes... Read more »

— 17 August 2022

Five Afghan families welcomed by the AOC

The Australian sports movement is mobilising to help Afghan athletes and officials. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) explained on Wednesday 17 August that it had succeeded in getting five... Read more »

— 7 June 2022

Team Euro changes format

The European Athletics Team Championships are changing format. The next edition, which will be integrated for the first time into the 2023 European Games in Poland, will be divided... Read more »

— 27 April 2022

Thomas Bach will make the trip

A fitting tribute. IOC President Thomas Bach will make the long journey from Switzerland to Australia at the end of the week to witness the final hours of John... Read more »

— 13 April 2022

For Australia, a great decade

A curious coincidence of timing. John Coates, one of the most influential IOC members of his time, will step down as President of the Australian Olympic Committee on 30... Read more »

— 12 April 2022

A Chesterman – Stockwell match

There will be two of them. Two men for one chair. The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has confirmed it: Ian Chesterman and Mark Stockwell will compete on Saturday 30... Read more »

— 7 March 2022

Premiums up for record results

The Tokyo 2020 Games were the best since Athens 2004 for the Australian delegation in terms of titles and podiums. The National Olympic Committee (AOC) will not complain, but... Read more »

— 31 January 2022

A disturbing patnership

A controversy in Australian sport. At the end of last week, the national olympic committee (AOC) announced through its president, John Coates, the signing of a partnership contract with... Read more »