— 22 March 2023

Ukraine announces its boycott

It was expected: the Ukrainian Fencing Federation announced its intention to boycott any competition in which Russian and Belarusian athletes would be engaged. The decision was taken after an... Read more »

— 17 March 2023

Germany returns its World Cup stage

The predictable, if not expected, consequence of the International Fencing Federation’s (FIE) decision to reinstate Russian and Belarusian athletes is that the German federation has decided not to organize... Read more »

— 25 November 2022

Vadym Guttzait keeps up the pressure

Vadym Guttzait is not letting up. The Ukrainian Minister of Sport (photo above), who is also President of the Fencing Federation and, since last week, of the National Olympic... Read more »

— 14 November 2022

Vadym Guttsait renews his appeal

Vadym Guttsait insists. The President of the Ukrainian Fencing Federation and Minister of Sport (photo above) has written once again to the national federations that are members of the... Read more »

— 24 October 2022

Francophones make up the numbers

The Alliance Francophone d’Escrime (AFE) is gaining momentum. Only seven months after its creation, it has just integrated eight new member countries, on the occasion of its recent general... Read more »

— 3 October 2022

An Italian takes over the Presidency

European fencing goes under the Italian flag. At an extraordinary congress in Vienna, the European Fencing Confederation (EFC) appointed Giorgio Scarso (photo above) to take the presidential chair. Honorary... Read more »

— 26 September 2022

Vadym Guttsait increases the pressure

Vadym Guttsait writes again. The Ukrainian Minister of Sport (pictured above, centre, between Thomas Bach and Sergey Bubka), who is also President of the National Fencing Federation, wrote a... Read more »