— 8 November 2022

Giovanni Malago apologises

A nice gesture. Giovanni Malago (pictured above), the President of the Italian Olympic Committee (CONI), who is also an IOC member and President of the Organising Committee for the... Read more »

— 4 November 2022

Italy hit too

The daily newspaper La Repubblica has collected the testimonies of three former Italian gymnasts who denounce psychological pressure and “humiliations” during their time with the national team. The three... Read more »

— 19 October 2022

The Netherlands joins the boycott

The list is getting longer. After Poland, Estonia, Norway, Ukraine, Lithuania and Italy, a sixth country has announced its decision to boycott the next Congress of the International Gymnastics... Read more »

— 13 October 2022

Italy will boycott the Congress

The list is getting longer. Italy announced on Wednesday 12 October that it has joined the camp of the countries boycotting the next International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) Congress in... Read more »

— 10 October 2022

Empty chairs at the FIG Congress

The list is getting longer. After Poland, Estonia, Ukraine and Norway, a fifth country has announced its decision not to participate in the next annual congress of the International... Read more »

— 6 September 2022

Europe looks to Tallinn

The European Gymnastics Confederation is looking east. Meeting last weekend in Lausanne, its Executive Committee decided to award Tallin, the capital of Estonia, the organisation of the European Rhythmic... Read more »

— 6 July 2022

Gayibov alone on the track

No bad surprise in sight for Farid Gayibov (photo above). The president of the European Union of Gymanistics will be re-elected at the end of the year for a... Read more »