— 21 April 2022

BPCE makes a double move

Two years and a few months before the Paris 2024 Games, the BPCE banking group (Banque Populaire Caisse d’Epargne) already seems to be in battle order. As the first... Lire la suite »

— 25 March 2022

A medal for honour

After the medals, it is time for the French Olympic and Paralympic champions of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games to be decorated. Biathletes Quentin Fillon Maillet and Justine Braisaz-Bouchet,... Lire la suite »

— 25 February 2022

The sports law is adopted

A victory for Roxana Maracineanu. The French Minister for Sport (pictured above) had the law aimed at democratising sport in France definitively adopted by parliament on Thursday 24 February.... Lire la suite »