— 15 June 2022

NADOs mobilise

The international anti-doping community is mobilising. No less than 13 national anti-doping organisations (NADOs) have signed a joint declaration of guiding principles. It was published on Tuesday 14 June.... Read more »

— 13 June 2022

ITA chooses Shanghai

The International Tracing Agency (ITA) is looking at its future. For this, it has chosen to turn to China. The organisation chaired by Frenchwoman Valérie Fourneyron has announced that... Read more »

— 15 April 2022

Golf joins the ITA camp

The list is getting longer. The International Golf Federation (IGF) has decided to join the International Test Agency (ITA). The two parties have signed an initial cooperation agreement until... Read more »

— 25 March 2022

ITA does business with Germany

The trend is growing. After having almost filled up with international federations, the International Testing Agency (ITA) continues its breakthrough at national level. It announces the signing of a... Read more »

— 18 March 2022

A drone for samples

Unprecedented. The international testing agency (ITA) has announced that it has tested a new method of transporting anti-doping samples in Qatar: a drone. The pilot operation was carried out... Read more »

— 21 January 2022

World Triathlon joins the ITA camp

World Triathlon is joining the movement. The body announced that it had signed a cooperation agreement with the International Testing Agency (ITA) for the management and implementation of its... Read more »

— 28 October 2021

Heads are falling in Ukraine

Things are not slowing down in Ukraine. In the wake of a report by the World Anti-Doping Agency revealing test manipulation by the Ukrainian anti-doping agency, heads are beginning... Read more »

— 7 May 2021

Testing is on the rise again

That’s reassuring. Less than three months before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the fight against doping is back on track. The World Anti-doping Agency (WADA) reveals that the... Read more »