— 27 September 2023

Football taken to the head

China is continuing to clean up its national sports leaders. The aim is to weed out the most corrupt. On Tuesday 26 September, the Hubei provincial procuratorate announced that... Read more »

— 31 August 2023

Corruption at every level

The big clean-up continues in Chinese sport. Following in the footsteps of the head of the Chinese delegation to the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, it’s now the turn of... Read more »

— 24 January 2023

Beijing joins the network

A newcomer to the worldwide network of Olympic museums. An important arrival. The IOC has announced that the Beijing Olympic Museum, dedicated to the Summer Games in 2008 and... Read more »

— 18 August 2021

Athletes are not brands

That was unexpected. The Xinhua news agency reports that the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC) has decided to protect its athletes against the illegal registration of their names as trademarks.... Read more »