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SportAccord 2024 – sport as a ‘powerful, transformative tool’ under spotlight at CityAccord


LAUSANNE, SWITZERLAND – Are you looking to make the best case for hosting sports and associated events in your city?

Join us at CityAccord (Day 2 – Tuesday, 9 April) for an exciting series of action-packed sessions, leaving no stone unturned to cover every aspect of hosting.

First up – we look at why sport plays such a powerful role in contributing to the worlds biggest public policy changes, and what more can be done.

Meet Melanie Duparc – Secretary General of World Union of Olympic Cities and Director of smartcities & sport – to hear exactly what we have learned from sport’s positive impact on health and wellbeing, civic pride, social cohesion, skills and jobs, sustainability and active travel, and how to continue making the case for investment in an increasingly complex world.

“I am convinced that with sport, cities have a powerful transformative tool that positively contributes to addressing todays major challenges – from health to mobility, social inclusion to environment, urban marketing to economic development. I am delighted to be showcasing inspiring initiatives and meaningful projects during CityAccord in Birmingham-West Midlands,” explained Duparc.

Next on the agenda – CityAccord delegates get the inside track on two transformative initiatives for maximum inspiration.

Making ‘sport and physical activity normal’ in everyday life

Join Chris Boardman MBE – Commissioner of Active Travel England, Chair of Sport England and Olympic cycling gold medallist. With a professional cycling career seeing him take several Tour de France yellow jerseys, world titles and world records, cycling, walking and sport in general have always been close to Boardman’s heart:

Cycling and walking are wonderfully simple ways to reduce carbon and improve safety and health, with the power to change the world if we create an environment where people feel able to go to the shops, school and workplace independently.

“At SportAccord, we will look closely at our successful initiatives to get more people walking and cycling, and making sport and physical activity a normal part of everyday life.

“We will explore whats worked, what hasnt – and the importance of political will at the city level, as well as what cities can learn from each other.”

‘Blue’ sky the limit

When Tom Wagner, co-founder of Knighthood Capital and his partner, NFL legend Tom Brady, bought a controlling stake in Birmingham City Football Club in 2023, they did this as part of a broader city transformation project.

At SportAccord, Wagner – who with Brady is now Chair of the Board of Birmingham City Football Club – will explain why ‘blue’ sky is the limit, and not just for the club.

“We invested in Blues because of the opportunity to not only transform a football club, but to be a catalyst for a change in the city itself,” said Wagner.

“At SportAccord, we’ll be talking about the lure of a club in the heart of Birmingham and why this is the start of a new era for Birminghams city centre.”

CityAccord closes with two must-attend roundtables covering ‘festivalisation’ and future proofing – we look forward to meeting you there!

 ‘More than just sport’

Are you focusing on how best to unite your city’s residents and visitors through collective experiences in art, live music and interactive events – or looking for inspiration on how to inject that festival feeling into business and more traditional events in your city?

Join us at the CityAccord roundtable “Just how far can Festivalisation can go” with Ben Avison – Editorial and Conference Director of Host City, Georg Spazier – CEO of innsbruck-tirols sports GmbH and Innsbruck World Masters GamesNicola Turner MBE – CEO of United By 2022 and Alana Vought – Program Manager of Olympic and Paralympic Games Brisbane 2032, City of Gold Coast.

 Do you have a stake in new event models, which span regions or even continents – creating an increasingly challenging environment for host cities, regional and national governments?

Join us at CityAccord’s “The Road Ahead Across Continents” roundtable with Esther Britten – Head of Major Events at UK SportJames Bulley – CEO of TrivandiPerttu Pesa – Chair of International Association of Event Hosts and Katie Sadleir – CEO of Commonwealth Games Federation with moderator Susan Sawbridge – Managing Partner of Daylight.

SportAccord 2024 – join worlds leading sports industry experts

Meet renowned global experts in sport, industry and academia and join over 1,500 delegates and exhibitors at SportAccord World Sport & Business Summit on 7-11 April at the award-winning International Convention Centre (ICC) in Birmingham – West Midlands.

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