Modern Pentathlon

— 4 May 2021

Shiny Fang extends her lease

The International Union of Modern Pentathlon (UIPM) is playing it safe. It has announced a new extension of Shiny Fang (photo above, with Klaus Schormann, UIPM President) contract as... Lire la suite »

— 20 April 2021

The pandemic is gaining ground

The figures are not very reassuring. The Modern Pentathlon International Union (UIPM) announces that it has carried out around 400 anti-COVID-19 tests during the recent World Cup stopover, disputed... Lire la suite »

— 9 March 2021

Three pass to Budapest

New change to the international modern pentathlon calendar. But, this time, it concerns a place of competition, and not a date. The World Disciplinary Body (UIPM) announces that it... Lire la suite »

— 27 January 2021

Cairo will replace Minsk

Things didn’t drag on. Less than a week after announcing its decision to withdraw the 2021 World Championship from the Belarusian city of Minsk, for mainly political reasons, the... Lire la suite »

— 25 January 2021

Minsk will have to wait

Predictable. Following the path opened by the IOC and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), the International Modern Pentathlon Union (UIPM) in turn sanctions Belarus. The UIPM Executive Council... Lire la suite »