— Publié le 5 mai 2023

300 000 candidates for 45 000 places

Paris 2024

The figure was expected to be massive. It is still higher than expected. According to the OCOG, more than 300,000 applications had been submitted on the volunteer recruitment platform for the Paris 2024 Games by the close of registration on Wednesday 3 May. In six weeks, the organising committee has therefore had a full house of applicants. It now has to patiently select the 45,000 volunteers needed for the event: 30,000 for the Olympic Games and 15,000 for the Paralympics. According to the OCOG, a third of the applicants are under 25 years old, more than half (55%) are women, and one in two applicants wants to participate in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Finally, « more than 3,000 applicants have declared a specific need due to a disability », a figure in line with the organising committee’s objective. The candidates will be selected by the end of 2023.