— 21 September 2023

Sea rowing catches the right wave

The International Rowing Federation (World Rowing) and its president, the Frenchman Jean-Christophe Rolland, can rub their hands: sea rowing and its new form, beach sprinting, are showing very promising... Read more »

— 12 September 2023

World Rowing still waiting

World Rowing grows its walls. Meeting for its annual congress on Monday 11th September in Belgrade (Serbia), the day after the World Rowing Championships, the world rowing body welcomed... Read more »

— 9 August 2023

World Rowing partners with IRIS

The International Rowing Federation (World Rowing) is stepping up its digital development. It has announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with a German company specialising in sports... Read more »

— 3 April 2023

Italy will double the stake

Sea rowing takes root in Italy. The world body of the discipline, World Rowing, has awarded the city of Genoa the organization of the World Championships in 2024. The... Read more »