— 10 August 2023

FIBA and the NBA, a winning partnership

The initiative is unprecedented. It speaks volumes about the ever-closer links between the Olympic movement and the North American professional leagues. And about the marriage of reason between two... Read more »

— 3 May 2023

Second visit to Abu Dhabi

The NBA persists. It announces the organization next fall of two preseason games in the Middle East. As last season, they will take place in the United Arab Emirates.... Read more »

— 11 April 2023

The record-breaking season

The health crisis is definitely a thing of the past for the NBA. The North American league has released the attendance figures for its regular season, which ended Sunday,... Read more »

— 19 August 2022

One eye on Europe, another on Africa

After two years disrupted by the health crisis, the NBA wants to pick up speed. With a declared ambition: to win new territories. Mark Tatum, the assistant commissioner, explained... Read more »

— 25 May 2022

Bulls to return to Paris

Exciting. The NBA unveiled on Tuesday 24 May the details of its big return to Paris after a three-year absence. The NBA Paris Game 2023 will pit the six-time... Read more »

— 11 May 2022

Double premiere in Abu Dhabi

The NBA continues its world tour. But this time, it has chosen the Persian Gulf. The North American professional basketball league has announced that it has signed a partnership... Read more »

— 28 July 2021

Barack Obama steps into NBA Africa

Nice catch for the NBA. The North American professional basketball league has announced the arrival of a prestigious partner for its African version: Barack Obama himself. The former president... Read more »