— 30 June 2023

A third term for Yasuhiro Yamashita

No unpleasant surprises for Yasuhiro Yamashita (photo above). The former heavyweight judoka, Olympic champion in all categories at the 1984 Los Angeles Games, was re-elected on Thursday June 29... Read more »

— 26 June 2023

Tokyo at war with corruption

The corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Games will have a direct, and presumably very concrete, effect on the organization of future major sporting events in the Japanese capital.... Read more »

— 21 November 2022

A working group to fight corruption

In response to the corruption scandal surrounding the Tokyo 2020 Games, Japan has decided to adopt a more rigorous policy for the governance of its major sporting events. The... Read more »

— 25 July 2022

Federations disillusioned

Hard return to reality for Japanese sport. According to a survey by the public broadcaster NHK, the post-Games period in Tokyo will be an austere one for the national... Read more »