commonwealth games

— 16 August 2022

World Rowing pushes sea rowing

World Rowing and its president, Jean-Christophe Rolland, make no secret of the fact that the future of the discipline lies in the development of sea rowing. The body is... Read more »

— 12 August 2022

Pakistan lost two boxers

After Sri Lanka, another country has reported several defections from its delegation to the latest Commonwealth Games, held until early this week in Birmingham (Great Britain). Two Pakistani boxers... Read more »

— 9 August 2022

Hamilton close to victory

Canadians are not yet claiming victory, but they are already chilling the champagne. Barring a reversal of fortune, the 2030 Centennial Commonwealth Games will be held in Hamilton, Ontario.... Read more »

— 8 August 2022

Sri Lankans sneak out

Cubans are not the only ones to take advantage of international competitions to defect. As many as ten members of the Sri Lankan delegation to the 2022 Commonwealth Games... Read more »