2030 Winter Games

— 24 April 2023

Sweden can rely on the Swedes

A good point for Sweden in the race for the Winter Games in 2030. A poll unveiled last week by the National Olympic Committee (SOK) reveals that seven out... Read more »

— 17 April 2023

Sapporo is no longer popular

  A case folded? According to the Japanese agency Kyodo News, the odds of Sapporo in the race for the 2030 Winter Games would be in free fall at... Read more »

— 31 March 2023

Switzerland declares itself

Christophe Dubi was telling the truth on Tuesday 28 March at a press conference on the first day of the IOC Executive Board meeting: the campaign for the Winter... Read more »

— 30 March 2023

Applicants are on the rise

Fact or fiction? According to Christophe Dubi, the executive director of the Olympic Games at the IOC, the campaign for the Winter Games in 2030 would currently be the... Read more »

— 9 February 2023

Sweden sees an opening

Little expected but welcome. The race for the 2030 Winter Games, whose finish line has been postponed for a year, may have just inherited a new starter. Sweden announced... Read more »

— 16 December 2022

Governor expresses doubts

A bad signal for Sapporo’s bid for the 2030 Winter Games. Kyodo News agency reports that the governor of Hokkaido prefecture, of which Sapporo is the capital, has expressed... Read more »