— 11 October 2021

A new circuit for beach volleyball

Revolution in sight on the beach volleyball courts. The International Federation (FIVB) and Volleyball World, its commercial entity, announced on Saturday, October 9th, that a new world circuit will... Read more »

— 7 June 2021

Russia retains the 2022 World Cup

Russia may have been suspended from the Olympic movement for two years, but it still retains the organisation of some major events on the international calendar. At the top... Read more »

— 23 February 2021

No bikini, no tournament

Bad publicity for Qatar in the run-up to its bid for the Summer Games in 2032. Two German beach volleyball players, Karla Borger and Julia Sude, decided to boycott... Read more »

— 2 February 2021

A new contract for a new entity

Nice catch for the FIVB. The international volleyball body announces the signing of a partnership contract with CVC Capital Partners Fund VII, a global finance giant, headquartered in Luxembourg.... Read more »