Tokyo 2020

— 7 December 2020

A new slate for the taxpayer

The figures are now official. The Tokyo Games Organising Committee unveiled last weekend the amount of additional costs related to the postponement of the event by one year and... Read more »

— 4 December 2020

Suga repeats his confidence

Yoshihide Suga stays upright in his boots. The Japanese Prime Minister believes in the Tokyo Games next year. He even imagines them “safe and secure”, even as Japan is... Read more »

— 4 December 2020

Time for accounts and sharing

Important day in Japan, this Friday, December 4, ahead of the Tokyo Games. A closed-door meeting is scheduled to bring together representatives of the Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising... Read more »

— 4 December 2020

Almost 20% of tickets to be reimbursed

Good or bad news? According to Tokyo Games organisers, approximately 810,000 Olympic tickets have been claimed, or 18% of the 4.45 million tickets purchased by Japanese residents. The health... Read more »

— 1 December 2020

The rings are back

It is done. As announced a few days ago, the Olympic rings are back in Tokyo Bay. Withdrawn during the last summer for a maintenance operation, they found their... Read more »

— 1 December 2020

A new billion to add to the budget

The numbers follow each other and tend to be similar for the Tokyo Games. According to Kyodo News, citing an anonymous source familiar with the matter, Japanese organisers have... Read more »

— 27 November 2020

The rings are soon back

Symbolic but visible. According to the NHK, the five giant Olympic rings installed last January in Tokyo Bay, but removed in August for maintenance, will soon find their place... Read more »