Tokyo 2020

— 5 October 2022

A new head falls

The series continues. A new executive of a Japanese company partnering the Tokyo 2020 Games was indicted on Tuesday 4 October in connection with the corruption scandal linked to... Read more »

— 28 September 2022

The investigation is gaining momentum

Charges are piling up in Japan’s Tokyo 2020 corruption scandal. A new arrest warrant, the third, was issued on Tuesday 27 September for Haruyuki Takahashi (pictured above), the former... Read more »

— 27 September 2022

A new sponsor involved

The corruption scandal at the Tokyo 2020 Games is gaining further momentum in Japan. A new Japanese company, a member of the national marketing programme for the Olympic and... Read more »

— 19 September 2022

Takeda heard in turn

The investigation continues in Japan into suspected corruption related to the Tokyo 2020 Games. With, week after week, a new cast. The Kyodo News agency reports that the former... Read more »

— 22 August 2022

Dinners and golf

The revelations continue in the case of alleged corruption related to the Tokyo 2020 Games. According to several sources “close to the case“, Haruyuki Takahashi (pictured above), a former... Read more »

— 18 August 2022

For Tokyo 2020, arrest times

A dark legacy for the Tokyo Games. A year and a handful of days after the end of the Olympic event, the news reopens the Tokyo 2020 file. But... Read more »