— 6 March 2023

Russians invited by China

The invitations are multiplying to accelerate the return of Russian athletes to international competitions. The latest comes from the Moscow regime’s most powerful ally: China. Chinese media are reporting... Read more »

— 3 March 2023

The gymnasts will soon know

The short-term future of the Russian and Belarusian gymnasts could be decided in the next few weeks. According to Vasily Titov, the president of the Russian Gymnastics Federation, the... Read more »

— 28 February 2023

Two million athletes competing

Oleg Matytsin has done his sums. According to the Russian Sports Minister, more than two million athletes from his country, as well as foreign delegations from some thirty countries,... Read more »

— 23 February 2023

Venezuela invites Russian athletes

Before passing through Asia, the route of Russian athletes could make a detour through South America. The agency TASS reports that Venezuela has formally invited Russia to send a... Read more »

— 17 February 2023

Moscow moves closer to Tehran

Pending a possible return of its athletes to international competitions, at least under neutral flags and colours, Russia is getting closer to Iran. The TASS agency reports that the... Read more »