— 10 October 2022

Roy Jones Jr. has taken up his pen

An important ally for the International Boxing Federation (IBA). The former American boxer Roy Jones Jr. who won the world title in four different categories during his professional career... Read more »

— 6 October 2022

IBA opens door to Russian athletes

The International Boxing Federation (IBA) continues its suicide operation without a break. After the episode of the re-election of the Russian Umar Kremlev as president, it announced its decision... Read more »

— 16 September 2022

Spain to host the world

It is about time. With the event almost two months away, the International Boxing Federation (IBA) has announced the host city for the next World Youth Championships. They will... Read more »

— 23 August 2022

Cuban boxer departs

The exodus continues in Cuban sport. After athletics, it is now affecting boxing. Billy Rodríguez, 22 (pictured above, in red), a Cuban boxing hopeful, has decided not to return... Read more »

— 18 July 2022

Next round in Armenia

For lack of a precise date, the International Boxing Federation (IBA, ex AIBA) has found a place for its extraordinary congress. It will take place in Yerevan, the capital... Read more »

— 27 June 2022

IBA remains at the door

The name has changed, but the result remains the same. As with the Tokyo Games, the International Boxing Federation (IBA, formerly AIBA) will observe the qualifying round and then... Read more »

— 10 June 2022

A Brazilian joins the Council

The International Boxing Federation (IBA, formerly AIBA) has completed its governance. The body chaired by the Russian Umar Kremlev announced the election of the Brazilian Abner Teixeira (photo above)... Read more »