— 9 December 2022

The IBA responds to the IOC

The tug of war between the IOC and the International Boxing Federation (IBA) continues. The day after the IOC Executive Board meeting and the sending of a new letter... Read more »

— 7 December 2022

The IOC renews its concerns

The Olympic future of boxing is looking increasingly uncertain. As expected, the IOC Executive Board opened the thick file of its international federation, the IBA, on Tuesday 6 December... Read more »

— 30 November 2022

The IBA looks to Cuba

Its Olympic future is hanging by a thread, but boxing seems determined to be in the news. Its international body, the IBA, is said to have plans to recover... Read more »

— 29 November 2022

The IBA does business with the WBA

Suspended by the IOC and removed from the Olympic movement, the International Boxing Federation (IBA) is turning to the professional world. It announced that it had concluded a cooperation... Read more »

— 15 November 2022

An Australian partner for the IBA

A new partner for the International Boxing Federation (IBA). The body chaired by Umar Kremlev has proudly announced that it has signed a long-term lease – six years –... Read more »

— 8 November 2022

Worlds in Uzbekistan

The men’s World Boxing Championships are heading east. Umar Kremlev, President of the International Boxing Federation (IBA), confirmed on Monday 7 November that the next edition of the world... Read more »

— 7 November 2022

CK Wu declared persona non grata

There can be no doubt: the International Boxing Federation (IBA) wants to wipe the slate clean. Its board of directors voted unanimously to declare the former president of the... Read more »