Beijing 2022

— 22 February 2022

Women are still in the minority

The time of reckoning has arrived for the Beijing Winter Games. And, with it, the time to display the figures for the Olympic event. The IOC announced that 9,388... Read more »

— 22 February 2022

The safest place in the world

Even on the last day of the Beijing Games, the Chinese organisers did not refrain from displaying the figures of the anti-COVID-19 tests and positive cases recorded since the... Read more »

— 21 February 2022

The bobsleigh track prepares its future

The Chinese can rub their hands: the bobsleigh, luge and skeleton track in Yanqing, built especially for the Beijing Games, will not become a “white elephant”. The International Bobsleigh... Read more »

— 21 February 2022

Less than 100,000 spectators

The Chinese organizers had announced at the beginning of the Games of Beijing the presence of 150 000 spectators on the Olympic sites. They did not keep their word.... Read more »

— 21 February 2022

‘We will open an office in China’

At the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, Luc Tardif (photo below) experienced his first Olympic appointment as president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). A presidential baptism made difficult... Read more »

— 18 February 2022

Ukraine does double duty

The cases of COVID-19 are now at zero within the bubble of the Games of Beijing, but those of doping go up. The International Control Agency (ITA) announced that... Read more »

— 17 February 2022

A day at zero

The counters are at zero, in the Games of Beijing 2022, on the file of the sanitary crisis. The Chinese organizers announced in press conference not to have recorded... Read more »