Beijing 2022

— 1 March 2022

The flame is lit

It’s done. With four days to go before the opening, the flame of the Paralympic Games was lit on Monday 28 February in the town of Stoke Mandeville, in... Read more »

— 28 February 2022

A medal changes hands

The Beijing Olympic Games are over, but the medal standings have changed again. The International Ski Federation (FIS) announced in a press release on Saturday 26 February that it... Read more »

— 28 February 2022

A medal for human rights

A nice gesture. Sweden’s Nils van der Poel, double Olympic champion in speed skating at the 2022 Beijing Games, has donated one of his two gold medals to the... Read more »

— 24 February 2022

Discovery happy with its numbers

The Beijing 2022 Games were not a disappointment for everyone in terms of television audiences. Very low in the US, they were more satisfactory in Europe. The American group... Read more »

— 23 February 2022

NBC broke records

It’s official: the Beijing 2022 Games were historic for NBC. The American channel broke records. But it could have done without it. According to the most recent figures, which... Read more »

— 23 February 2022

China thanks foreigners

After the figures, it was time for the Chinese sports authorities to analyse the results. Just three days after the end of the Beijing Winter Games, the host nation’s... Read more »

— 22 February 2022

Good closing numbers

The opening ceremony on Friday 4 February broke all records, with 316 million Chinese watching on television. The closing night of the Beijing Games on Sunday 20 February did... Read more »

— 22 February 2022

Women are still in the minority

The time of reckoning has arrived for the Beijing Winter Games. And, with it, the time to display the figures for the Olympic event. The IOC announced that 9,388... Read more »