Beijing 2022

— 8 February 2021

Two torches for the same city

The health crisis has nothing to do with it: the Chinese are moving forward without a crooked step in the preparation of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. They took... Read more »

— 5 February 2021

Norway always stronger

Norway, again and always. With one year before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games, Gracenote unveiled on Thursday (February 4th) its traditional provisional ranking of nations. Unsurprisingly,... Read more »

— 5 February 2021

Thomas Bach launches the invitations

Symbolic. With one year before the opening of the Beijing 2022 Winter Games (February 4th to 20th), the IOC marked the occasion by officially inviting athletes from around the... Read more »

— 4 February 2021

Boycott call wins US Senate

Chance of the calendar? Not sure. As the countdown precisely marks D-1 year to the 2022 Beijing Winter Games, this Thursday, February 4th, the call to boycott the Olympic... Read more »

— 26 January 2021

A Xi Jinping–Thomas Bach exchange

Summit meeting, Monday January 25th, between Beijing and Lausanne. Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke over the phone with IOC President Thomas Bach about the preparation and organisation of the... Read more »

— 20 January 2021

The president on an official visit

A heavy blanket of doubts envelopes the Tokyo Games, but the Chinese are not slowing down in the preparation for the Beijing Winter Games in 2022. Chinese President Xi... Read more »