Beijing 2022

— 6 September 2021

The NHL has granted its approval

René Fasel, the president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF), can leave with peace of mind. The Swiss leader has achieved the most difficult thing of all: he... Read more »

— 21 July 2021

The IOC wants the public

This is not a joke. The IOC suggested it with insistence, on Wednesday, July 21st, during the second day of its 138th session: the Beijing 2022 Winter Games will... Read more »

— 30 June 2021

NHL participation still in question

Will NHL players, the North American professional ice hockey league, participate in the 2022 Beijing Winter Games? Eight months before the event, the question is still unanswered. According to... Read more »

— 24 June 2021

Opponents meet in Lausanne

With less than eight months to go before the event, the mobilisation against the Beijing 2022 Winter Games is getting organised. A demonstration in Lausanne on Wednesday, June 23rd,... Read more »