— 18 February 2021

Five Russian leaders suspended

End clap for Dmitry Shlyakhtin. The former president of the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) has been suspended for four years by the Disciplinary Committee of World Athletics. He was... Lire la suite »

— 15 February 2021

Privalova succeeds Ivanov

We thought it was finished. Wrongly. The game of musical chairs continues at the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF). Just three months after his election, Pyotr Ivanov was forced to... Lire la suite »

— 29 January 2021

Shubenkov denies everything

Sergey Shubenkov, the world champion in the 110m hurdles in 2015, was quick to react to the revelation by the Russian media that he tested positive for furosemide, a... Lire la suite »

— 28 January 2021

Shubenkov tested positive

Dirty business for Russian athletics. Sergey Shubenkov, the world champion in the 110m hurdles in 2015 (silver medalist in 2017 and 2019), tested positive for furosemide, a diuretic, considered... Lire la suite »

— 19 January 2021

A global challenge in virtual mode

  Athletics seem to have a taste for the virtual. World Athletics announced in a statement that the organising committee for the 2022 World Cross-Country Championships, scheduled for the... Lire la suite »