— 30 October 2023

Asia joins the elite

World Athletics goes all out for indoor events. Athletics’ world governing body has unveiled the calendar and details of the international indoor meeting circuit for 2024. For the second... Read more »

— 23 October 2023

Bol and Ingebrigtsen win the day

The year isn’t over yet, but the European Athletics Association has already handed out its trophies for 2023. The Netherlands’ Femke Bol (400 m and 400 m hurdles) and... Read more »

— 19 October 2023

Bonuses at the European Championships

Historical background. For the first time since the event’s creation in 1934, a system of performance bonuses will be introduced next year at the European Outdoor Athletics Championships. The... Read more »

— 13 October 2023

A cast of rare density

After the women, now it’s the men’s turn. The International Federation of Athletics (World Athetics) has unveiled the list of the 11 nominees for the coveted title of World... Read more »

— 12 October 2023

Eleven for one

The exercise has become a ritual. Like every year at this time of year, the International Federation of Athletics (World Athletics) unveils the nominees for its annual trophies in... Read more »

— 28 September 2023

Belgrade chosen as Plan B

World Athletics has wasted no time. Just ten days after withdrawing Croatia’s bid to host the 2024 World Cross Country Championships, due to excessive delays in preparations, the athletics... Read more »

— 26 September 2023

China to open circuit

No time to lose. Less than two weeks after the end of the 2023 edition, which ended with a two-day final in Eugene, Oregon (USA), World Athletics has unveiled... Read more »

— 22 September 2023

Eugene will be back

American track and field loves its blue chips. For the fifth consecutive time, next year’s Olympic trials will be held in Eugene, Oregon. The United States Track & Field... Read more »

— 19 September 2023

The Amusan affair bounces back

We thought the case was closed. It is no longer closed. On Monday 18 September, the Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) announced that it had referred the case of Tobi... Read more »