— 13 January 2021

Educate to better fight

Umar Kremlev does not lower his guard. The Russian leader, elected last December as president of the AIBA, is making more announcements. In the wake of the signing of... Read more »

— 12 January 2021

A new agreement with ITA

Umar Kremlev keeps his promise: he rushes forward without pausing. The Russian leader, elected last month as president of the International Boxing Federation (AIBA), signed on Monday (January 11th)... Read more »

— 30 December 2020

Umar Kremlev doesn’t want a dime

No time to waste for Umar Kremlev. The Russian leader, elected on December 12 as president of the AIBA, has already started the reform machine. The international boxing body... Read more »

— 14 December 2020

Time for reforms

Is this the first Umar Kremlev effect? In the aftermath of the Russian leader’s victory in the race for the presidency of the AIBA, the international boxing body had... Read more »

— 14 December 2020

Umar Kremlev hands down

The favourite won. Umar Kremlev, 37, general secretary of the Russian Boxing Federation since 2017, is the new president of AIBA. He won on Saturday, December 12 in an... Read more »

— 9 December 2020

Umar Kremlev shows his support

Would the stakes already be over? A few days before the election for the presidency of the AIBA, scheduled for December 12 in virtual mode, Russian Umar Kremlev seems... Read more »

— 17 November 2020

The campaign is picking up speed

With almost one month to the day of election day, slated for December 12th, the campaign for the AIBA presidency is gaining momentum. Two of the candidates announced among... Read more »

— 16 November 2020

Mohamed Moustahsane explains himself

He had said otherwise, but Mohamed Moustahsane finally changed his mind. The Moroccan leader, acting president of the AIBA since spring 2019, has joined the long list of candidates... Read more »