— 27 May 2021

Accounts are back to balance

Is this a new beginning for AIBA? The international boxing body announced that it has “entirely” paid its 10 million dollars debt to the Azerbaijani company Benkons LLC, and... Read more »

— 19 May 2021

A check for Asian Medalists

The arrival of Russian Umar Kremlev as president seems to have had a saving effect on AIBA’s finances. Long overdrawn, the accounts of the international boxing body would now... Read more »

— 6 April 2021

A gesture of one million Swiss francs

Generous, the AIBA. The world boxing body announces that it has made an exceptional gesture, motivated by equally important circumstances: the cancellation of hosting fees for the women’s and... Read more »

— 8 February 2021

Africa gets the ball rolling

Umar Kremlev, the new president of the International Boxing Federation (AIBA), has personally launched the series of continental forums planned by the federation in the coming weeks. He traveled... Read more »

— 27 January 2021

Women’s Worlds in April in Poland

The AIBA is still suspended by the IOC, but it continues to move forward without looking back. The international boxing body, chaired since last December by Russian Umar Kremlev,... Read more »