2036 Games

— 26 August 2022

Mexico wants to get started

The IOC can rub its hands together: the list of countries interested in hosting the 2036 Summer Games is growing. After Qatar, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Great Britain, and most... Read more »

— 11 August 2022

Indonesia has chosen Nusantara

Indonesia has made its choice: its bid for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2036 will be supported by its future capital, the city of Nusantara. Indonesian President Joko... Read more »

— 21 July 2022

Great Britain is moving forward

Is Britain preparing a bid for the Summer Games? After the mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, another leader is putting forward a pawn. But unlike the elected official of... Read more »

— 12 April 2022

Copenhagen dreams small

A new entrant in the race for the Summer Games in 2036? According to Mia Nyegaard, the city councillor in charge of Culture and Leisure, the city of Copenhagen... Read more »

— 11 October 2021

India in talks with the IOC

The much anticipated awarding of the 2032 Summer Games to Brisbane has put a curb on its fervour, but India has not buried its Olympic projects. Narinder Batra, president... Read more »

— 28 September 2021

Russia will have to choose

Paradox. Suspended from the Olympic movement until December 2022, Russia still has its eye on the Summer Games. The list of cities interested in hosting the event has never... Read more »

— 23 September 2021

Madrid gets into a bid then backs out

Confusion in Spain. During the same day, on Wednesday, September 22nd, the capital’s two top elected officials spoke publicly about a bid for the 2036 Summer Games. But, problematically,... Read more »

— 3 September 2021

Vladivostok declares its bid

Russia will remain suspended from the Olympic movement until December 2022, but its Olympic project is already taking shape. After St Petersburg and Kazan, a third Russian city wants... Read more »