— Published March 29, 2024

An international coalition to secure the Games

Paris 2024

The geopolitical situation imposes it: the security of the Paris 2024 Games will not only be a French affair. L'AFP reports, based on information from the Ministry of the Armed Forces, that “ several foreign nations » including Poland will come to support France during the Olympic and Paralympic event. They will send soldiers and strengthen the French system, particularly for dog capabilities – dog handlers – where the needs are enormous. A common practice at major international events. A battalion of French gendarmes participated in securing sites during the 2022 Football World Cup in Qatar. The presence of Poland within the international coalition set up by France for the security of the Paris 2024 Games was confirmed, Thursday March 28, by the Polish Minister of Defense on his X account. In addition to these reinforcements military, France requested at the beginning of the year the provision and sending of more than 2.000 foreign police officers and gendarmes, to 46 countries, mainly in the European Union, but also in South Korea, India, Africa South and Australia. Nearly 800 of them have already been designated by their authorities to come to France. They will be assigned in particular to the security of the “ last mile », near the competition sites, where they can be easily recognized by spectators from their country.