Tokyo 2020

— 11 August 2021

Olympic rings leave Tokyo

A page has been turned in Tokyo. The five giant Olympic rings, installed on a concrete barge in the Obaida marine area, have been dismantled. They will soon be... Lire la suite »

— 6 August 2021

The number of the day: 6

The start of the women’s marathon on Saturday, August 7th, in Sapporo, has been brought forward by one hour by the Japanese organisers. Initially scheduled for 7am, it will... Lire la suite »

— 6 August 2021

Paris 2024 holds conference

D – 2 for Paris 2024. On Sunday, August 8th, the Paris 2024 Games organisers will receive the Olympic flag during the closing ceremony of the Tokyo Games. A... Lire la suite »