— 17 February 2022

World Indoor Rowing in virtual mode

World Rowing can rub its hands together: indoor rowing is gaining ground and taking full advantage of the virtual push. The international rowing body has confirmed that the next... Read more »

— 10 November 2021

Europe under the British flag

There has been a change of leadership at the European Rowing Confederation. Organised in virtual mode, the elective general assembly of the continental body was marked by the election... Read more »

— 8 November 2021

LA28 Games over a shorter distance

The Olympic regattas at the Los Angeles 2028 Games are shaping up to be an unusual kind of event. The International Rowing Federation (World Rowing) announced this to its... Read more »

— 15 October 2021

A new management team

A page is being turned at the International Rowing Federation (World Rowing). Matt Smith (pictured above, left), its executive director for a quarter of a century, will step down... Read more »

— 12 October 2021

Jean-Christophe Rolland alone on the track

And that’s three. Jean-Christophe Rolland will be re-elected next month for a third consecutive term as president of the International Rowing Federation (World Rowing). Registration is closed and the... Read more »

— 12 July 2021

The 2021 Worlds are off the calendar

Hard blow for World Rowing. The international rowing body has been forced to cancel the 2021 World Championships, scheduled for October 17th-24th in Shanghai. The decision to remove the... Read more »

— 9 July 2021

Two Russians excluded for doping

Bad start. Two weeks only before the opening of the Tokyo Games, “the team of the Olympic Committee of Russia’s athletes” has already lost two competitors. The president of... Read more »