— 13 April 2022

FIFA launches streaming platform

FIFA is breaking new ground. It has announced the launch of a digital platform for the broadcast of live football matches, as well as World Cup archives and dedicated... Read more »

— 11 April 2022

Drogba as a rallying candidate

The end of the tunnel is near for Ivorian football. Postponed several times over the past two years due to an imbroglio over the sponsorship system for candidates, the... Read more »

— 7 April 2022

FIFA denies false rumours

Surreal. On Wednesday 6 April, FIFA issued a very strange statement, only three lines long, in which it assures us that the 2022 World Cup matches in Qatar will... Read more »

— 6 April 2022

Russia withdrew its appeal

End of story. Against all odds, the Russian Football Federation has withdrawn its appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against FIFA’s decision to ban its national... Read more »

— 1 April 2022

Russia maintains its dual bid

Their bid to host the 2028 and 2032 European Football Championships seems to be over, but the Russians are not giving up. Alexey Sorokin (pictured above), the former general... Read more »

— 31 March 2022

Qatar gets a sports museum

Qatar does not shy away from anything. This week, the Gulf state opened a museum entirely dedicated to sport. Not surprisingly, it is one of the largest in the... Read more »

— 24 March 2022

COVID messes up in Oceania

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to disrupt world football. FIFA has announced that it has been forced to change the format of the Oceania Zone qualifying tournament for the 2022... Read more »

— 23 March 2022

France strengthens its project

France’s bid for the 2025 UEFA Women’s Euro is gaining momentum. The French Football Federation (FFF) unveiled on Tuesday 22 March, the day before the deadline for submitting projects... Read more »