— 6 May 2022

Heads are falling in Gabon

Heads are falling in Gabonese football. AFP reports that the president of the federation, Pierre-Alain Mounguengui (pictured above), has been indicted and placed under a detention order in Libreville.... Lire la suite »

— 3 May 2022

Russians deprived of anything

UEFA has decided that Russian clubs will be banned from all European competitions for the 2022-2023 season, including the Champions League. The continental body announced this on Monday 2... Lire la suite »

— 27 April 2022

UEFA deals with Europol

UEFA is stepping up the pace in the fight against match-fixing and corruption. The European football body has turned to the European police office, Europol, for help. The two... Lire la suite »

— 20 April 2022

Japan replaces China

The list is getting longer. China has removed another major international event from its sporting calendar: the East Asian Football Cup. The reason is the health crisis and the... Lire la suite »

— 19 April 2022

Gerard Pique’s bargains

Juicy. According to the Spanish investigative media El Confidencial, the move to Saudi Arabia for the Spanish Football Supercup for the past two years has been a great business... Lire la suite »

— 14 April 2022

Four countries for one place

UEFA can rub its hands with envy: the Nations League is attracting a lot of attention. After Poland, the Netherlands and Wales, a fourth country has submitted a bid... Lire la suite »