— 24 November 2021

A shortfall of 8 billion euros

The figure speaks volumes. According to a survey commissioned by the main national football leagues, FIFA’s plan for a World Cup every two years would result in a loss... Read more »

— 5 November 2021

Five bids for the 2025 Women’s Euro

UEFA can rub its hands: its major events always attract covetousness, despite the uncertainty linked to the health crisis. The continental soccer body announced on Thursday, November 4, that... Read more »

— 20 October 2021

Brits still eyeing 2030 World Cup

Their supporters regularly stray off course, but the UK and Ireland have not given up on their plans to host the 2030 World Cup. Simon Morton, the managing director... Read more »

— 19 October 2021

FIFA consults coaches

Step by step, FIFA is pushing ahead with its plan to hold a World Cup every other year. The international body had announced its intention to launch a vast... Read more »