— 28 October 2021

A call for tenders for air and water

Astonishing. On Tuesday 26 October, FIFA officially launched an invitation to tender of a kind never before seen in the international sports movement. It concerns the television rights to... Read more »

— 6 September 2021

Jill Ellis gets on board

It’s a sign of the times: FIFA is recruiting in the United States. The football body has announced the arrival of Jill Ellis, the former US women’s national team... Read more »

— 18 June 2021

Sepp Blatter returns to court

The soap opera continues. It is becoming interminable. According to information from Le Monde, Sepp Blatter will return to Swiss courts as part of FIFAgate, the corruption case at... Read more »

— 28 May 2021

A big cheque to lift the lawsuit

The case is perplexing. The U.S. Department of Justice announced in a statement on Thursday, May 27th, that it had dropped the charges related to the FIFA corruption scandal.... Read more »

— 6 May 2021

Infantino wins a round

Victory for Gianni Infantino. The Swiss Federal Criminal Court announced on Wednesday, May 5th, that it had recused the extraordinary prosecutor Stefan Keller, who had opened a legal case... Read more »

— 25 March 2021

Bonuses to make you dizzy

The soap opera continues, endless and without any real twist. FIFA announced on Wednesday, March 24th, that it had extended the suspensions of its former president, Sepp Blatter, and... Read more »

— 23 March 2021

Kenny Jean-Marie takes the lead

Nice promotion for Kenny Jean-Marie. The former chief of staff of Noël Le Graët at the French Football Federation (FFF), who worked in particular through the Prime Minister’s office,... Read more »