2030 Winter Games

— 30 May 2022

Spain cancels its referendum

Another blow to the Spanish bid for the 2030 Winter Games. The referendum on the Olympic project in the Pyrenees and Barcelona, initially scheduled for 24 July, has been... Read more »

— 27 May 2022

Spain still believes

Its bid for the 2030 Winter Games is plagued by divisions, but Spain is not giving up. Not yet. Alejandro Blanco (pictured above), president of the Spanish Olympic Committee... Read more »

— 24 May 2022

The Spanish file in the wall

The end of the soap opera? Probably. The Spanish Olympic Committee (EOC) announced on Monday 23 May in a press release that the representatives of the regions of Catalonia... Read more »

— 12 April 2022

Aragon moves forward

The Spanish are moving forward in the race for the Winter Games in 2030. Their march is proving to be rather disorderly, but they are moving forward. After snubbing... Read more »

— 22 February 2022

Ukraine maintains its position

The Russian army is on its doorstep and the war is still threatening, but Ukraine is not giving up on its Olympic plans. Sports Minister Vadym Huttsait took advantage... Read more »

— 11 February 2022

Spain looks elsewhere

The observers’ programme for the candidate cities was cancelled by the IOC at the Beijing Games, but not all the candidates for the 2030 Winter Games have given up... Read more »

— 9 February 2022

Catalonia has done its accounts

Its file is still incomplete. And the project will certainly have to go through the uncertain stage of a referendum. But the Barcelona and Pyrenees bid for the 2030... Read more »

— 3 January 2022

Sapporo could win the bid

Are the games already set? According to several “well-informed” sources quoted by Kyodo News, the IOC is currently holding discussions behind the scenes with the Japanese authorities in order... Read more »