— Published 28 March 2022

World University Games spared from pandemic

According to AroundtheRings, the upcoming World University Games, scheduled for 26 June to 7 July in Chengdu, China, are not threatened by the rising number of cases of COVID-19 in the country. China has very recently announced the postponement or cancellation of several sporting events due to the wave of Omicron cases, including the Yangling Marathon on 10 April, and especially the World Weightlifting Championships in November. But the World University Games are still on. Jing Zhao, the head of the organising committee, assured AroundtheRings in an email that the multi-sport event was “guaranteed“, but that health measures would be comparable to those put in place for the Beijing 2022 Winter Games. The Chengdu World University Games are therefore expected to be a closed-circuit event, with daily PCR testing for all accredited athletes. The city of Chengdu is located in Sichuan province, a region that has been relatively unaffected by the pandemic. According to FISU, more than 6,000 athletes from 90 countries are expected in China. Russia and Belarus are banned from the event, as they are from all other FISU competitions in 2022.