— Published 3 May 2022

World Skate shared its plan

It’s done. The international federation in charge of skateboarding (World Skate) has unveiled the course and qualification criteria for the Paris 2024 Games, where the discipline will once again be an additional sport. Following the outline of the process established for the Tokyo 2020 Games, World Skate has chosen to rely on a world Olympic qualification ranking. It will be established at the end of a period of two years and three seasons, between June 2022 and June 2024, where the points obtained in five levels of competition will be counted: the World Championships, the Olympic qualification series, the Pro Tour, the 5-star events and the 3-star events. However, unlike the Tokyo Games, national championships will no longer count towards the Olympic ranking. Another clarification: 22 athletes will be qualified per event and per gender, two more than for the Tokyo Games, but with a maximum of three entries per country and per event (men’s and women’s street, men’s and women’s park). As the organising country, France is guaranteed to present at least one athlete per event and per gender. Finally, World Skate has provided for a universality quota for countries under-represented at world level. It will be awarded in the form of an invitation, but reserved for nations with at least one athlete in the world top 50 at the end of the qualification period.