— Published 19 January 2023

World Rowing invents the ultimate race

A new feature at the 2023 World Indoor Rowing Championships, to be held on 25-26 February at the Paramount Fine Foods Centre in Toronto, Canada. For the first time, the competition programme will include a so-called “multi-challenge” event, in addition to the usual age-group races. Called the World Rowing Versa Challenge, it will be used to determine the best indoor rower in the world. World Rowing, the world governing body of the discipline, explains in a press release: competitors will take part in five different events over two days. At the end of the effort, the title of World Versa Rowing Champion will be up for grabs. Ten men and ten women have qualified for this new event. Among the men, former NFL player Matthew Stankiewitch (USA) and former Canadian professional rugby player Jason Marshall. The Versa will test all the skills and strengths required of indoor rowers, exposing them to new and unfamiliar race formats. Competitors may or may not be informed in advance of the race formats.