— Published 5 January 2022

World championships postponed and relocated

It’s a hard blow for the international taekwondo elite. Due to the health crisis, the next world championships have been postponed and moved. Initially scheduled for last October in the Chinese city of Wuxi, neighbouring Shanghai, they had been postponed to April 2022, but kept in the same venue. The new wave of the COVID-19 pandemic having led the Chinese authorities to cancel all international events in the country, with the exception of the Beijing Winter Games, the World Taekwondo Championships can no longer be held in April in Wuxi. They will have to find a new date and a new venue. The decision was taken by the international body of the discipline, World Taekwondo, after an online meeting with its various continental confederations. The 2022 World Championships should normally be held in November, in a place to be determined. Around ten countries have expressed their interest in hosting the global event.