— Published 14 November 2023

World Archery unveils its nominees

Who will succeed Britain’s Ella Gibson, named athlete of the year last year by the International Archery Federation (World Archery)? On Monday 13th, the Federation unveiled the list of nominations for the World Archery Awards 2023. Nine awards will be presented, including those for the six competition categories (men’s and women’s classical bow, men’s and women’s compound bow, men’s and women’s para), for which voting opened on November 10 for exactly one month. The overall Athlete of the Year trophy, awarded last year for the first time in ten years, is determined by a panel of journalists. To succeed Ella Gibson, the jury selected six candidates: the four new world champions Mete Gazoz, Marie Horackova, Pravin Deotale and Aditi Swamai, the armless archer and Indian recordwoman Sheetal Devi, and Sergio Pagni, the new coach of the Indian compound bow team. The winners will receive physical prizes and will be announced in early 2024.