— Published 24 November 2021

Work resumes at the Aubervilliers swimming pool


End of the soap opera? On Tuesday 23 November, the Paris Administrative Court of Appeal lifted the suspension of the building permit for the Aubervilliers training pool in Seine-Saint-Denis, which was planned for the Paris 2024 Games. The work had been stopped last September by the same court, after a complaint from three gardeners and two environmental associations. They claimed that the future swimming pool would cause the destruction of some 4,000 m² of allotments. “The interim relief judge granted the request of the Aubervilliers municipality and lifted the effects of the suspension that he had ordered on 20 September, as well as the injunction to put an end to the work concerned, the administrative court of appeal said in a statement. The work on the aquatic centre can therefore legally resume, at this stage of the litigation procedure. The Parisian court considered that the city had regularised the points that had led to the suspension of the works: the legality of the building permit, the compensations in terms of town planning (tree planting in particular), and the presence of a restaurant within this public facility, which has now been transformed into a “fitness and well-being area”. The parenthesis is thus closed for SOLIDEO, the public establishment in charge of delivering the Olympic facilities. Work can resume. But the case is not yet completely closed: the dispute must be judged on its merits in December.