— Published 25 September 2023

Women win seats

Parity has yet to be achieved, but the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) is continuing to feminise its membership. The body has announced the composition of its committees for the period 2023-27. For the first time, three of the seven commissions will be chaired by women: Eleonora Rangelova from Bulgaria on the Technical Commission, Erika Dy from the Philippines on the Legal Commission, and Carmen Tocala from Romania on the 3×3 Basketball Commission. In two of the other four committees, the vice-chairman is a woman. Another first: the Appeals Committee is now chaired by a woman. FIBA is therefore in line with its new statutes, which now require at least 30% representation of both sexes on each commission. In addition, the FIBA Council has appointed three women to the FIBA Foundation Board for the first time, including former Australian player Michele Timms (pictured above). The Players’ Commission, meanwhile, continues to be chaired by a basketball legend, Germany’s Dirk Nowitzki.