— Published 4 October 2021

Women will follow the men

Shaken by the revelations of the McLaren report, and still in the sights of the IOC, AIBA continues to move forward. It has announced the organisation of the women’s world boxing championships in Istanbul before the end of the year. They should take place at the beginning of December, the final dates still being under discussion. A formal agreement was signed between the boxing body and the Turkish federation during a recent visit to Istanbul by AIBA Russian President Umar Kremlev. On this occasion, Umar Kremlev confirmed that, for the first time in history, the medallists of the world championships will be rewarded with cash prizes. Their amount (100,000 dollars for gold, 50,000 for silver and 25,000 for bronze) will be identical for men and women. On the sidelines of the women’s world championships in Istanbul, AIBA will hold an extraordinary congress where “major reforms” should be announced, according to the body. The men’s world championships are due to be held from October 24th to November 6th, 2021, in Belgrade, Serbia.